Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Safe Hex - Sidereal Time

I will always have a fondness for synth heavy 80's post punk dance music. I'm even a fan of most of the more modern bands who mimic that sound, although a lot of them tend to be more on the lines of being guilty pleasures. Safe Hex doesn't feel like a guilty pleasure. Their new EP, Sidereal Time, is awash in dark as possible synths and vocals dripping in reverb. Despite having a full sound, the songs on Sidereal Time are extraordinarily minimalist. The opener, "Watched Us Fade," and the closer, "Forgotten Bodies," and the more danceable of the four songs on the EP. "Forgotten Bodies," in particular, has a more decidedly driving beat, although both songs are better for awkwardly post punk dancing than really going for it. "With What Sacrifice" has a more 80's feel to it, in the best possible way. It would have fit right in on a Dave Kendall hosted episode of 120 Minutes.

You can listen to "Forgotten Bodies" below. Sidereal Time is available now via Bandcamp as a free download. For more on Safe Hex, check out their website.

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