Tuesday, June 11, 2024

CodeName: Rocky featuring Brenna Red - "Killing the Chemist"

Photo by Johnny Corona Jr.

Ska is a lot of things, but it's rarely bad ass. Apparently no one told CodeName: Rocky that. Their latest single, "Killing the Chemist," is straight up punk rock that just happens to have a killer horn section. Most use of horns in ska adds a sense of fun and levity, but the SoCal band uses them to make the song heavier. "Killing the Chemist" is a heavy and fast punk song that is loaded with a horn section. This one is much closer to a band like Bad Religion than your typical ska band could ever dream of being.

Justin Picon says of his band's new single:

"The song was inspired by my sister-in-law (Christina) & her husband (Jeff). Jeff is a Marine that served in Desert Shield & Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait under the first Bush. I actually wrote the song in 2016 when I found out Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer… I used Jeff’s actual war experience to create the metaphor for Christina’s upcoming cancer battle & the fight she was about to face. Couldn’t be happier that Christina has since kicked cancers ass & is now in remission.

When we were demoing the song, I felt like it was missing something… then I thought, 'What better way to honor a strong, badass woman than to add a strong, badass woman to the track', and instantly Brenna came to mind. Working with her was great & when she showed up to record, she absolutely crushed it.

You can watch the video for "Killing the Chemist" below. Foundation is due out July 19 on Wiretap Records. For more on CodeName: Rocky, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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