Wednesday, July 16, 2014

King Buzzo, Dover Brickhouse, Dover, NH 7/9/14

Back in 2012 when the Melvins went for the world record for playing all 50 states in the shortest time, they played the Brickhouse in Dover, NH. Surprisingly, King Buzzo brought his solo tour to the Brickhouse on 7/9/14. It wasn't anywhere near as well attended as the full band show, but it was still memorable.

The big question of the night was answered right away with King Buzzo opening with the Melvins' classic "Boris." In fact, of the 13 songs played that night, 6 were Melvins songs, and 1 cover (Alice Cooper's "Ballad of Dwight Fry"). The rest of the set was made up of songs from Buzz's surprisingly great debut acoustic album, This Machine Kills Artists. The Melvins songs got the best reaction as these were the die hard fans.

King Buzzo was much chattier than at a Melvins show, telling multiple stories and interacting with the crowd quite a bit. He told fantastic stories of accidentally insulting Mike Patton and watching Iggy Pop react to watching Weezer. Since the show was pretty sparsely attended, you got an incredibly intimate show with an absolute indie/hard rock legend. Buzz joked at one point that acoustic shows always felt longer than they are, and he ended up right as the show felt like it dragged towards the end.

The intimate feel led to my only true complaint about the show: The crowd. I know the Melvins tend to attract a more... unique crowd. It might have been the excitement to having Buzz in their town, or trying to make sure he wants to come back despite the small turnout, but a portion of the crowd was so overly excited they crossed the line into heckling. From excitement at the song that was just played ("BORIS!!!! HE OPENED WITH BORIS!!!!") to commenting on everything Buzz said ("FUCK WEEZER!!!! FUCK THE SWEATER!!!!"), it took over the show almost completely. They seemed to think they were watching him play a private show in their own living room, alone.

For more King Buzzo dates, as well as info on his solo album, check out the Melvins' website.

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