Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dog Chocolate - "Emotionally Buff"

Coming straight out of London, Dog Chocolate are getting ready to release their debut album, Snack Fans. Between the band name and the title of their album, I expected fairly straightforward bratty pop punk. I was wrong, since "Emotionally Buff" is quirky noise punk, with choppy vocals, fairly random gang vocals, crashing drums, and a guitar riff that's more catchy than the vocals. The guitar seems to be the constant holding the whole glorious mess together. It reminds me a lot of early Ex Models and Parquet Courts at times. 

Snack Fans is due out on March 18 through Upset the Rhythm. You can watch the video for "Emotionally Buff" below. For more on Dog Chocolate, you can check them out on Tumblr, Soundcloud, and Twitter. You can pre-order Snack Fans directly through Upset the Rhythm.

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