Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Freebie: Rock Eupora - Soon the Sun Will Come

You'll have three questions when you listen to the new-ish album by Rock Eupora:

1. Where did this guy come from? (Nashville)
2. How is he not completely gigantic? (No idea)
3. Are you sure this is free? Seriously? You're sure? (Yes!)

Recorded in a basement, Soon the Sun Will Come is far lusher than your usual home basement recordings. The obvious comparison for Rock Eupora is Weezer, but the Weezer comparison is tricky. It has the hooks and pop sensibilities of current Weezer but with the spirit of The Blue Album and Pinkerton. It's as if instead of 2016 Rivers Cuomo working with the 2016 Monkees, 1994 Rivers Cuomo worked with the 1965 Beach Boys. The album opener, "Sally Kate," is the perfect intro point. It's starts off pretty and lush, smoothing you into the band. By the end it's pure mid 90s power pop distortion. "How to Love" reminds me of the more mellow side of The Dismemberment Plan. My personal favorite, "I Wanna Be Alone," feels like the noisiest power pop from 1996, in the best possible way.

You can download a copy of Soon the Sun Will Come for free via Noisetrade. For more information on Rock Eupora on their website. The video for "I Wanna Be Alone" is below.

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