Thursday, January 11, 2018

Juliana Hatfield Will Be Covering Olivia Newton-John

In my single digit years, I don't think I loved a singer as much as Olivia Newton-John. I listened to the Grease soundtrack obsessively, which is now disturbing since it includes the phrase "pussy wagon," but that's a whole different story. Olivia Newton-John absolutely dominated the early 80's, and I feel like her song "Physical" was played at every one of my mom's aerobics classes I was dragged to. She was the soundtrack of my early youth. In the 90's, it might have been Juliana Hatfield. Being from the Boston area, her songs were prevalent on every radio station, I saw her an impossible amount of times in my college years, and this is without any complaints.

Well, my two worlds will be colliding on April 13 when Juliana Hatfield releases an entire album of Olivia Newton-John covers. I absolutely love it when an artist expresses a gushing fandom for their heroes, particularly when their heroes don't exactly fit into what's considered hip at the time. It truly shows an honesty and what they actually like. No official recordings are available to listen to as of yet, but I scoured the internet (ok, I did a 10 second YouTube search...) and found video of Juliana performing "Physical" as the Q Division holiday party last month. It's cell phone quality, but it shows Juliana attacking the Newton-John classic like the 90's alt rock god she is.

Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John will be available April 13 via American Laundromat Records. You can pre-order your copy, which you know you want, here. The tracklist is below.

  1. I Honestly Love You
  2. Suspended In Time
  3. Have You Never Been Mellow
  4. A Little More Love
  5. Magic
  6. Physical
  7. Totally Hot
  8. Don't Stop Believin'
  9. Please Mr. Please
  10. Hopelessly Devoted To You
  11. Xanadu
  12. Dancin' 'Round And 'Round
  13. Make A Move On Me
  14. I Honestly Love You (Reprise) *CD, Cassette & Digital Only.
Video via YouTube user john doherty:

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