Monday, July 2, 2018

Matt Muse featuring Shawnee Dez - "Shea Butter Baby"

If you've been paying attention to pretty much any time I post about modern hip hop, you know I turn into a grumpy old man that 99% of hip hop songs follow the rap verse/R&B chorus/rap verse format. Apparently sometimes I'm wrong and that format works perfectly. Chicago's Matt Muse has released a single that follows that format to the letter, but this one works for me. "Shea Butter Baby" is a laid back hip hop song that has a chilled out, almost southern feel. It might be that Muse exudes undeniable charm, or that the backing track has a weird electronic swirl that avoids the top 40 trap that befalls most of today's rappers. 

You can listen to "Shea Butter Baby" below. Matt Muse's new album, Nappy Talk, will be out July 13. For more on Matt Muse, check out his website.

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