Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thee MVPs - "American Dreamin'"

Sometimes you just want a big, dumb loud rock song. London's Thee MVPs seem to understand that need, and they have delivered with "American Dreamin.'" It has everything you want in a loud garage rock anthem. There isn't a shred of harmony or singing in the vocals. Virtually everything is shouted. It has a loud, plodding beat that seems to hiccup itself along. The guitar trails along in a noisy squall almost the entire way through, with just enough noodling during the solo to make it fun. "American Dreamin'" isn't high art, but sometimes rock shouldn't be. It should just be rock.

You can watch the video for "American Dreamin'" below. You can get the single via your favorite platform here. For more on Thee MVPs, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.