Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Haley Heynderickx & Max Garcia Conover - "Slow Talkin'"

Photo via Facebook
Earlier this year Haley Heynderickx released her debut album, I Need to Start a Garden, which is a strong contender for album of 2018 for me. You'd think one album would be enough for 2018, but Heynderickx is about to release a collaborative with Maine musician Max Garcia Conover. I'm going to borrow straight from the label's description for this one:

"An organic farm in the middle of nowhere. Dry wind through dry leaves. Dogs sleeping endless siestas in the sun. Rain that never comes. And horses. Always horses.
This is the scenery the critically acclaimed singer-songwriters Haley Heynderickx (Portland, Oregon) and Max García Conover (Portland, Maine) were dropped in by the Barcelona based label Son Canciones in September 2017. They were given one week to get acquainted, become friends, write six songs, record them and try to catch the ducks that hopped the fence.
After five days of hard labor, they walked up the stairs to the dusty studio in the attic of the farm. The songs were recorded in two days, mostly in one take and without special effects. Straight from the soil into your headphones."
"Slow Talkin,'", the first song from Among Horses III, is sung mostly by Heynderickx. It's a stripped down folk song propelled by her always amazing vocals. It's a little more straightforward and mainstream than her usual output, but her delivery still has its very own unique feel to it. It's always a pleasure to get new music from one of our new favorites this quickly, and it seems like Among Horses III will deliver. 
You can listen to "Slow Talkin'" below. Among Horses III will be out October 5 via Son Canciones and can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp