Monday, May 4, 2015

Tres Padres - "Father's Day" and "a lot to maintain"

Photo via Imaad Wasif's Facebook
Get ready for an indie rock supergroup that may never do anything besides these two songs. Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr) has re-teamed with Imaad Wasif, his ex-New Folk Implosion bandmate (who was also in Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Melvins' drummer to form Tres Padres. Lou Barlow posted two unreleased songs on YouTube and wrote on his Facebook: 
i recorded a couple of songs with Imaad Wasif and Dale Crover about two years ago at 606 studios ( home of the Foo FIghters ) was meant to be for a benefit 7" which has yet to be released.. in the meantime i've made quick vids for both of the tracks so's you can hear what we did before it possibly vanishes in the haze.. 
the session was simultaneously documented for a possible pilot for a possible Foo Fighters related documentary series.. haven't heard much about that either
The songs sound like a Sebadoh/Melvins mash-up, which is pure heaven to me. You get Lou Barlow's melodic songwriting with the intensity and some of the noise of the Melvins. I hope this gets an actual release instead of just ending up stalling on YouTube, and maybe an actual full length album could happen. Probably not since Lou and Crover and insanely busy, but a guy can dream, right?

In the meantime, the Melvins are heading out on their usual summer mega-tour starting in June. Sebadoh are back out on tour, which will be followed by Dinosaur Jr touring this summer with Primus. You can watch Lou's videos for the two existing Tres Padres songs below.

"a lot to maintain":

"Father's Day":

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