Friday, May 1, 2015

31 Songs in May: Day One - The Raelyn Nelson Band - "Brother"

As readers have possibly noticed, the only blogging I've really had time for as of late is the weekly new releases, and I'm taking the month of May to change that and highlight some of my favorite songs from 2015 that might have been overlooked or not gotten the love they deserve. 31 days in May, so 31 songs. Let's do this!

Today's song is from The Raelyn Nelson Band, "Brother." A band fronted by Willie Nelson's granddaughter, they've released an EP and some one-off songs, and the most recent release, "Brother," is a rocking good time. Nice and rootsy, perhaps a little more twangy than I'd normally like but it's far, far outweighed by just how much fun the song is. It's not breaking any new ground, but maybe that's just why I'm enjoying it so much.

For more, you can visit their website.

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