Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nikkie McLeod - "Deep Cry"

Photo by Liz Maney
For white Americans, Nikkie McLeod's "Deep Cry" is going to be an interesting listen. The most prevalent instrument is a steelpan, and when we hear the steelpan we reminisce about Caribbean vacations and happy times. Nikkie McLeod is originally from Trinidad & Tobago, so they don't have the same connections. "Deep Cry" is an intense song about the loss of McLeod's mother. The feeling the song captures is the duality of celebrating and grieving life at the same time. "Deep Cry" isn't a quiet, reflective song about loss and death. At times, it is deeply noisy, and almost violent. But that's how grief can work. It's a beautiful song about an intensely personal and difficult time in McLeod's life. It's a song we all need to truly listen to.

You can listen to "Deep Cry" below. Quarrel, the new EP from Nikkie McLeod, will be available on October 30, their mother's birthday. For more on Nikkie McLeod, check out their Facebook.

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