Monday, October 28, 2013

Brief Candles - Newhouse

Yet again out of Minnesota, and on Guilt Ridden Pop, comes another fantastic new 90s tinged release. Released a couple weeks back, Brief Candles’ new EP, Newhouse, blends Guided By Voices power pop with the shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine and early 90s Sonic Youth.

Songs like “Olympic Sleeper” start off with a more upbeat, lush version of Galaxie 500 and just devolve into sheer controlled chaos, in the most melodic way. “Terry Nation,” may be my favorite, and sounds like something off Daydream Nation fronted by Kevin Shields. The songs are intricately layered, with the sound that there may be multiple tempos, and nothing quite fits together like it should, except it does. You’re doing yourself and the music a disservice if you just put it on in the background while plugging away at work. If My Bloody Valentine is the perfect hangover music, Brief Candles is what you listen to on your way to getting hung over.

To listen to and purchase Newhouse, head on over to Brief Candles’ Bandcamp page.

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