Saturday, October 19, 2013

This Is a Thing That Exists - Dolly Parton rapping on Queen Latifa's show

Apparently Queen Latifa has a daytime talk show now? Anyways, she had her Joyful Noise costar Dolly Parton on the show. How fantastic! Everyone LOVES Dolly! What song will she sing? "9 to 5?" "I Will Always Love You?" I bet "Jolene." Oh, man, I'll never get sick of seeing Dolly sing "Jolene." But, no. I guess because Queen Latifa became famous as a rapper, they thought it would be hilarious for Dolly to come out in a blonde afro wig and rap. Well... it's not. At all. Especially since half the rap is about her boobs. This is a 67 year old woman.

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