Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dorthia Cottrell - "Kneeler"

Photo by Jordan Vance
On first listen, "Kneeler" by Dorthia Cottrell is a beautiful, acoustic song. It's pretty typical female singer/songwriter fare, except there is this intense sense of foreboding throughout that isn't typical with the genre. Turns out Dorthia Cottrell is the singer of doom metal band Windhand, which helps account for the somber vibe. Acoustic solo projects of metal bands usually are just terrible, but "Kneeler" shows a completely different side of dark music. Since neither of us are metal people, it would have been easy for us to miss this track. Instead, I'm looking forward to the full length.

Dorthia Cottrell's self-titled debut is out on March 3 on Forcefield Records. You can listen to "Kneeler" below, and check out her website here.

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