Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Download Tugboat Annie's Discography for Free!

Tugboat Annie are one of those bands I hadn't thought of in years. The band formed in Buffalo back in 1990 before moving to Boston in 1996 and becoming a staple of that scene until around 2000. They always had a sound that screamed "Boston in the mid-90s," and I don't mean that in anything resembling a negative. It's poppy, aggressive alt-rock, with fuzzy guitars and catchy choruses. They played with bands like Weezer, Sunny Day Real Estate, and The Promise Ring, winning awards from Boston Magazine and the Boston Phoenix. 

Seemingly out of nowhere the band is now offering their entire discography for free on their Bandcamp page. And this isn't a "Pay What You Want" offer. It's all completely free! All 4 of their full lengths are offered, as well as 2 collections of demos. There's no other information on the page, so hurry up and download now in case they change their mind. We can only hope this is a way to remind us all of Tugboat Annie just before a reunion. But that's just my own wishful thinking.


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