Thursday, August 13, 2015

David Wax Museum - "Guesthouse"

Photo by Ken Sears
With the release of their 5th album scheduled for release in October, blog obsession David Wax Museum have unveiled the title track. "Guesthouse" is a wonderfully positive tribute to all the people that have welcomed the band into their homes while on tour. It has a carnival vibe to it, and also celebrates the Mexican culture that, while embracing it fully in their music, the band has never been fully a part of, but a welcome guest. "Guesthouse" has a very slight growth in it, which shows that Guesthouse will be another step in David Wax Museum's constant evolution. From album to album there isn't a huge shift in band direction, but when you go back two or three you see an impressive array of growth. I can't wait until October for Guesthouse to be released officially.

Guesthouse is due out October 16 on Thirty Tigers. You still have four days to pre-order on their Indie Go Go campaign, and get some very cool bonuses. Make sure you head on over to their website for some pretty extensive touring they have planned. Their live show needs to be experienced. NPR currently has an exclusive first listen to "Guesthouse." You can find that here.

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