Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Twins - "Demons"

Sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown make up the core of Summer Twins. The desire to form a band came before actually forming a band, and in October they have their sophomore album due out.

"Demons" reminds me of the retro girl groups that seem to come out every few years, like The Pipettes or Those Darlins'. "Demons" comes across as a more polished version of that, throwing back to 50s sock hop music and 60s garage rock. And then the guitar comes in, and it's just a dirty noise rock blast. While Summer Twins might look back at the past, they're not a retro act at all. It's a perfect mixture of retro and today.

Summer Twins' second album, Limbo, is due out on October 2 on Burger Records. You can listen to "Demons" below. For some more information on Summer Twins, check out their website and Bandcamp.

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