Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mountain Man - "Kingdom Came"

Picture via Facebook
I'm kind of all over the place when it comes to metal. I'm by far from a metalhead, but there is a handful of metal that I absolutely love. If their new song, "Kingdom Came," is any indication, Worcester, MA's Mountain Man might be the rare kind of metal that I end up loving.

It's surprising because Mountain Man (not to be confused with the Vermont folk trio of the same name) edge into the screamo genre, which I hate. What saves them is their edging into the realm of Refused, who I love (new album aside). They seem to have a little more in common with hardcore and punk than traditional metal. A lot of metal is very controlled, with musicians focusing more on showing off than emotion. Mountain Man are the pure controlled chaos and feedback you usually see in indie noise rock from the 90s. "Kingdom Came" also has multiple tempo changes throughout its epic 7 minutes. They might be the Helmet or Quicksand of the new millennium. 

Mountain Man's new album, Rumination, is due out September 22 on End Result Productions. You can listen to "Kingdom Came" below, and be sure to check out Mountain Man's Facebook for more information.

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