Friday, May 6, 2016

Michael Christmas - "Paranoid"

Via Facebook
Boston's Michael Christmas has a new EP coming out sometime later this month. There's no set in stone release date (ah, the new digital age) but it's expected around Memorial Day. "Paranoid" is the first single, and it's everything I love and miss about hip hop. It features Christmas' trademark laid back style, which is very not Boston, but fits the whole feel of the song. It's about just being up late, unable to sleep while your brain just keeps on going. Plus, instead of an R&B chorus, Christmas is kinda sorta singing, which is beautifully old school. Musically it reminds me more of an 80s radio jingle than the usual over the top banger you get today. It's sparse but fully realized.

Baggy Eyes is due out sometime this month, probably. You can listen to "Paranoid" below. For more information on Michael Christmas, check out his Facebook and Twitter.

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