Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Freebie: Grave School, Lauren Ruth Ward, Polly Woods Ordinary, and The Milky Way

We're back this week with another multi-band Friday Freebie that spans multiple genres. As always, if you download any of this music, consider throwing the band a few bucks, buy some merch, or at least give them a follow on their social media.

Grave School - Strange Routine
It's been a little over a year since we've had any new music from Grave School, but luckily they're back with a new EP. Strange Routine is still the 90's inspired indie rock we love from Grave School, and I hate to use tired cliches, but the new EP seems a bit more mature and weary. A song like "Strange Routine" feels like working your first adult job, and even a big, fun, upbeat song like "Jason" feels a bit more melancholy. Strange Routine is available now for free via Grave School's Bandcamp.

Lauren Ruth Ward - Back Pocket EP
Lauren Ruth Ward just released her first full length, Well, Hell. It might be a weird choice for us to start with a B-sides and demos, but hey... we love free music. Back Pocket EP is a collection of four songs that blends the funky dance friendly sound of Florence and The Machine with a harder, more alt-rock sound and just the slightest hint of roots. "Heart in the States" is the perfect starting point, with it's singer/songwriter beginning, danceable middle, and rock epic end. Back Pocket EP is available for free via Noisetrade.

Polly Woods Ordinary - self-titled
As much as we love innovation here at If It's Too Loud..., there's something to be said for bands that take a genre and just nail it perfectly. Polly Woods Ordinary do that with roots/Americana. It's pretty straightforward neo-folk with some rock edges here. What elevates them above the rest of the pack are the vocals. I don't think either member has a traditionally great voice, but they have a unique quality that makes you want to listen. Somehow together, they make something magic. You can download their new EP for free via Noisetrade.

The Milky Way - Vapor Trails: A Retrospective
Too much hip hop seems to follow the same cookie cutter format. It's a shame, but it helps the truly good stuff really stick out. Hailing from Los Angeles, The Milky Way have a fun but edgy, unique branch of hip hop pretty much all to themselves. If I'm going to compare their sound to anyone it would be Outkast and The Coup, which is just about the pinnacle of what you'd want. Vapor Trails: A Retrospective is a four song collection that includes two songs from The Milky Way and two songs from Milky Way member Sum. The EP is available for free via Noisetrade.

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