Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sabine McCalla - folk

It would be easy to compare Sabine McCalla's music to her sister's. Both Sabine and Leyla MaCalla do stripped down folk music that feels like it's from another era. The both have a specific New Orleans sound, but they're both from New Orleans. While both of their music may have the same basic structure, they both have completely unique versions of it. 

On her new ep, folk, Sabine McCalla does the most stripped down version of folk you might ever hear. You can't get more stripped down than just a voice and acoustic instrument, but somehow her music is even more bare than that. "I Went to the Levee" and "Anyhow" may be a cappella, but those might be the most full sounding songs on the EP. The only instruments on the EP listed are piano and drums, and those don't appear in the same song. The sparseness of a song like "Stole My Heart" could be disturbing, and while the songs are dark, they are gorgeous in their intricate simplicity.

You can listen to "Stole My Heart" below. Sabine McCalla's new EP, folk, is available now on Bandcamp

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