Wednesday, February 21, 2018

MC Paul Barman - "((( leapfrog )))"

Not only are we in the middle of a two day February heat wave here in New England, we now have a new song from MC Paul Barman! The previously MIA (at least, according to me) MC just released "((( leapfrog )))." It's perhaps his most traditionally hip hop track to date. It feels decidedly old school in a Gang Starr kinda way. Somehow Barman raps about twice as fast as we're used to from him, but it still has a relaxed vibe. And, just in case you were worried about Barman changing his entire outlook, it ends with a mention of soot sprites.

You can listen to "((( leapfrog )))" below. The song is currently available for free via Mello Music Group's Bandcamp. For more on MC Paul Barman, check out his website.

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