Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Daisybones - "Beautymark"

The latest song from Boston's Daisybones is a weird little mix of power pop and indie rock. Typically power pop is associated with a huge sound made specifically for arenas or at least large theaters, and sure, "Beautymark" does have a big sound. But somehow it's a big sound in a lo-fi kinda way. Plus, there's a slightly odd, not quite quirky late 90's feel to it that reminds me of bands like Cornershop. For a little added 90's feel, listen for lyrics like  “I'm such a narcissist, I love the way I hate myself.” It's a great huge while still feeling grounded sound we highly recommend. 

You can listen to "Beautymark" below. Gold, the new album from Daisybones, will be out November 9. For more information on Daisybones, be sure to check out their Facebook and Bandcamp.

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