Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Orange Hell Cover The Misfits

For whatever reason, The Misfits are a band that I've just never connected with. I've never been able to figure it out, since in theory I should adore them, but their music has just never worked for me. But, strangely, I love Misfits covers.

Obviously, I need to share this three songs release from Orange Hell. Put out by Funeral Party (naturally...), Orange Hell are a band that is anonymous, but are known outside of the name Orange Hell. Instead of aping the sound of The Misfits and cranking out yet another note for note rendition of these songs, they go in a different direction and slow them way down into fuzzed out, almost plodding, dream pop songs. You get these completely delightful, if mopey, songs that you're used to hearing fast and loud.

You can listen to Orange Hell's version of "Skull" below. You can get your own copy of Orange Hell's EP via Funeral Party's Bandcamp. For more on Funeral Party, check out the label's website.

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