Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Stella Emmett - "Calvin Klein"

Photo by Joseph Charles Viola
I wouldn't expect to enjoy music described as "indie pop" or "Ikeacore." But Stella Emmett has changed that. Her new single, "Calvin Klein," has a little bit of an experimental folk feel, giving what is still a fairly electronic song more of an organic feel. That being said, "Calvin Klein" is a pop song, complete with what sounds like an autotuned chorus. 99% of the time that would be a deal breaker for me, but Stella Emmett is the 1% of the time that it works for me.

And what exactly is "Ikeacore?" According to Emmett:

"This wasn’t necessarily my intention, but listening back to Admirer now, I feel like I made it to serve as a daily life soundtrack for people. I wanted to create an album that was at once deeply personal and about my actual life but also a sort of sound palette people could put on at parties, or listen to on the train, or listen to while cooking dinner or even while shopping at IKEA, thus the descriptor 'IkeaCore'.  It’s an easy listening album that comes from moments in my life that weren’t always easy." 

You can listen to "Calvin Klein" below. Admirer, the upcoming album from Stella Emmett, will be out August 23. For more on Stella Emmett, check her out on Facebook.

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