Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Freebie: Funeral Advantage - Body is Dead (Demos)

Jeff and I have been loving the debut album from Funeral Advantage, Body is Dead. For a limited time, Funeral Advantage has made the demos for the album free to download. The actual album is full of lush, rich production and sounds. So are the demos, but in a slightly stripped down way. I've always been a fan of hearing the demo along with an album I love, since it's fascinating to hear the songs as they were originally written. It's obviously more lo-fi than the album, but this could have stood on its own as is.

Body is Dead (Demos) is available as a free download until September 30. You can get your copy here. And be sure to check out Funeral Advantage's Bandcampto get an actual copy of Body is Dead, and follow them on Facebook to keep track of their doings. 

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