Monday, September 21, 2015

The Dead Milkmen and F.O.D. Release a Split 7"

In case you need a break from streaming Ryan Adams' cover of Taylor Swift's 1989 today, there is a "lost" 7" from The Dead Milkmen and F.O.D. you can listen to. At first the bands claimed it was originally recorded in 1985 and unearthed in a label employee's parent's house, but they're now admitting the songs were recorded earlier this year in an attempt to sound like the bands did in 1985.

Now, I can't vouch for the F.O.D. songs. For some reason, I never actually made an effort to listen to them before, mostly because their reference in the Dead Milkmen classic "Nutrition" made me convinced they were a jock hardcore band. Even later on when I found out they were friends with the Milkmen and considered a good band, I just never actually checked them out. They always had this mythical element, and I was pretty sure they weren't actually real. Based on the songs on this 7", they're real and they're good. If you like your 80s hardcore thrashy, dirty, and out of control, this'll be for you.

The Dead Milkmen aped their 1985 sound perfectly for this. "If the Kids Could Git Togehter" is a perfect 80s Rodney rant. Right now, Brooklyn Vegan appears to have an exclusive on the stream, so head over there to hear it. You can order the 7" on the SRA Records website. It is set to ship on October 31. For more info on The Dead Milkmen, check out their website. For F.O.D., check them out on Facebook.

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