Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rose McDowall - "Cut With the Cake Knife"

Back in 1988-1989, Rose McDowall, formerly of Strawberry Switchblade, recorded her solo debut album, Cut With the Cake Knife. For whatever reason, it was never released and faded into legend. Now in 2015, as part of a project to archive McDowall's 34 year career, Cut With the Cake Knife is finally being re-mastered and released. 

The title track for the album was originally meant for the second Strawberry Switchblade album. Since that never happened, McDowall recorded it for her solo album. It's a blast of 80s electro pop joy, sounding much earlier than the 1988-1989 timeline, which could be why it was never previously released. Today, we could care less about something sounding current to listeners in 1989, so we can just enjoy it as is. It's perfect for anyone who remembers Dave Kendall hosting 120 Minutes.

Cut With the Cake Knife is due out September 18 on Night School and Sacred Bones. You can listen below. You can pre-order the album now through Sacred Bones' website.


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