Friday, September 25, 2015

Let's Talk Daggers - "I Love You Dad But I'm Mental"

Noise rock isn't very fun. It's very serious and it's an art. It's very rarely anything that can be considered party music. Usually that's left to metal, and us noise rock fans sooth ourselves with the knowledge that are music is smart and important while we watch the metalheads have a blast without us.

Enter the UK's Let's Talk Daggers. From their forthcoming debut album, A Beautiful Life, "I Love You Dad But I'm Mental" combines the sonic assault of noise rock with the speed and fun of a metal band. They also throw some of Queen's more symphonic elements in. It's bizarre, and ferocious, and a ton of fun. It's not very often noise can be party friendly, but Let's Talk Daggers have figured it out.

A Beautiful Life is due out October 23 on Tangled Talk Records and Milky Bomb Records. You can listen to "I Love You Dad But I'm Mental" below. Be sure to check out their website and Bandcamp for more information.

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