Monday, November 16, 2015

Rachel Haden - "Devil's In Me"

Rachel Haden (That Dog, The Rentals, The Haden Triplets, and Weezer's "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams") has just released her debut solo single, which is surprising since she's a 20+ year music veteran. "Devil's In Me" isn't as traditionally folky as her work with The Haden Triplets and not as 90s alternative as That Dog, but instead stands with a foot in both sides. It's probably closer to the more laid back side of That Dog, especially since That Dog was always shockingly good at harmonizing for a noisy 90s band. "Devil's In Me" starts off quite quietly and folky, but slowly picks up intensity without becoming a rocker. 

"Devil's In Me" is currently available in limited editions from Greenway Records. You can pick up a copy here, and be sure to check out Rachel Haden's website for any upcoming info.

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