Thursday, November 5, 2015

Deleter - "Seclusion"

Photo by Deleter
I didn't know how much I needed a band like Minneapolis' Deleter before I heard them. I also have no idea how I have never heard a band with this sound before. It seems like a pretty obvious pairing. They start off with a backbone of Gang of Four minimalist but danceable post punk and then throw the noise crescendo of Sonic Youth behind it. "Seclusion" basically combines "Damaged Goods" with "Teenage Riot." Somehow they cram all that into 2 minutes and 13 seconds, making it one of the few songs I wish went on much longer. 

Deleter's debut album, Oblique Seasons, is due out December 7 on Land Ski Records. You can listen to "Seclusion" below. For the time being, be sure to check out Deleter on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter.

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