Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Blank Range - "Seemed Like Word Got Around"

Photo by Don VanCleave
I first discovered Nashville's Blank Range way back in 2014 when the opened for Benjamin Booker at TT the Bear's (RIP TT the Bear's). In the past three years, they've floated in and out of my consciousness, and became one of those bands I forgot about and rediscovered. They're finally releasing their debut album later this month, so hopefully they'll stay rooted in my brain from here on.

One of the songs from the new album, "Seemed Like Word Got Around," is this intense mid-tempo country/southern rock burner. Drive-By Truckers are an obvious comparison, but it's a slight bit more folk than DBT's harder sound, so I'll say it's more of a Drive-By Truckers/Kingsley Flood hybrid. Of course, towards the end it goes into a slightly quirkier territory than either of those bands in a way that reminds me of Archers of Loaf.

You can listen to "Seemed Like Word Got Around" below. Blank Range's debut album, Marooned With the Treasure, will be out on August 25. For more information on Blank Range, and to pre-order the album, head over to their website.

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