Thursday, August 24, 2017

BIRDS - Everything All At Once

Those of us that love indie rock far above 60's hippie stuff might get scared of a lot of the press surrounding Everything All At Once, the latest album from Brooklyn's BIRDS. Sure, the album has a lot of psychedelic elements, but based on reviews you'd think they were a jam band. Instead, BIRDS are psychedelic the way Built to Spill are psychedelic. To further the Built to Spill comparison, they're a splendid mix of earlier, poppier Built to Spill and later, 10+ minute epic song Built to Spill. The album opener, "See it All," might be the best example with it's swirling guitars, almost military style drumming, and slacker vocals. "Scatter" pulls a bit away from the Built to Spill comparisons and feels like a melding of The Strokes and Superdrag. "Get Away" might be my favorite track, and is what the early 00's garage rock boom would have sounded like if any of the bands came from southern California.

You can listen to "Get Away" below. Everything All At Once is available now on Greenway Records. You can get a physical copy here, and digital options are here. For more on BIRDS, check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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