Thursday, August 10, 2017

Narco States - Temples Into Tombs

Garage rock is one of those genres that will never die. There always seem to be new garage bands popping up, all copying that classic lo-fi 1960's sound to varying success. It's hard to explain why some garage rock throwback artists work and some don't. Narco States are one that works.

Narco States are back with their new album, Temples Into Tombs. While the new album fits right into the classic garage rock sound, they've brought in a slightly more aggressive, more unhinged sound. It's a little less ? and the Mysterians this time around, and a little more The Stooges and MC5. "Fascist Fashionistas" is a great example of this sound. It's pure classic garage rock, complete with an organ and a fuzzy groove, but there's a menace lurking in the song. "Met Tet," the album opener, is an absolute rager that feels like the band are barely in control of the song, and it might get away from them at any moment. The title track, "Temples Into Tombs," is pure Stooges spoken word jam freakout heaven.

You can listen to "Met Tet" below. The latest album from Narco States, Temples Into Tombs, is available now on Narco States' Bandcamp. For more on the band, check out their Facebook.

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