Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Lily Byrd - Numbers

Electro-folk doesn't sound like it should work as a genre, but Boston's Lily Byrd proves that wrong. She recently released a five song EP called Numbers, that is both haunting and beautiful. While I will describe the songs on Numbers as beautiful, I can't truly say it is an entirely pleasant experience listening to the EP. Byrd keeps some quality that puts the music slightly off just enough to make you the tiniest bit uncomfortable, but that's one of the endearing qualities that makes it interesting. A song like "Don't Move" pulls you in with its lush sound while repelling you a little bit, almost like the soundtrack for It Follows. And then there are weird little instrumental sounds that pop up unexpectedly, drawing you in even more. Numbers is very accessible on a surface listen, but the true beauty comes out once you pay attention.

You can listen to "Don't Move" below. Numbers is available now on Lily Byrd's Bandcamp. For more on Lily Byrd, check out her website.

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