Thursday, November 8, 2018

Deep State - "Under the Gun"

If there's one rule Jeff and I both follow when it comes to music it's always listen to a band from Athens, GA. The latest we've come across is Deep State. As with all truly great bands from Athens, they're not the easiest to describe. Their latest single, "Under the Gun," is based squarely in punk and garage rock without really being either. The song keeps this almost start/stop movement pretty much throughout the entire length. It's a very basic groove and has bursts of aggression based noise or just noisy distortion for the fun of it. But the thing with this song? It's hook filled and insanely catchy. Just listen to this song once and you'll have the chorus jammed straight into your head (in the best possible way).

You can get "Under the Gun" jammed into your head by listening below. Deep State's new album, The Path to Fast Oblivion, will be out in February on Friendship Fever. To make sure you know about the new album when it comes out, make sure you follow them on Facebook.

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