Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Freebie: Matt Pond, Chris Hansen, & Sean Hansen - Free Fall

Last week saw Matt Pond giving away his debut album, Deer Apartments, for free. At the time, he promised that he'd be delivering a new EP this week, also for free. Free Fall is available now, and it's being called an EP it's nine songs long. According to their website, Free Fall is "... a free EP dedicated to Pennsylvania, love, autumn and you!" It appears to be under the name "Matt Pond, Chris Hansen, and Sean Hansen" instead of the retired Matt Pond PA name, or the briefly used Spaceland. It's pretty safe to say that if you've liked anything Matt Pond has released previously, you're going to like Free Fall. The songs tend to be a bit mellower than Deer Apartments but right in line with more recent Matt Pond PA releases. "Outside" may be my favorite, in it's not quite folk, not quite pop, not quite rock kinda upbeat way. It wouldn't be a Matt Pond release without a cover, and they break out a brilliant version of INXS's almost forgotten classic "Don't Change." The EP closes with "When There is Doubt." It's instrumental, and typically instrumental album closers are things a listener skips over, but this one is heart meltingly gorgeous. Make sure you give it a shot.

You can listen to Matt Pond, Chris Hansen, and Sean Hansen's release below. You can get your copy of Free Fall for free here. For more on Matt Pond's latest project, check out his website.

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