Friday, November 2, 2018

The Sheila Divine - "Melancholy, MA"

With the current political climate and next week's mid-term elections, we've been getting political statements from bands not necessarily associated with political anthems. While The Sheila Divine have been making more political statements in recent years, their latest single is straight up in your face with politics. "Melancholy, MA" is an ode to being a Massachusetts liberal and their reactions to the last few years of politics. The opening verse is "Enemies / We got baby prisons / We’re out of love / They rigged the system / Enemies / The cops are killing / We’re out of love / They even slay our children" making it impossible to not know exactly which side The Sheila Divine lands on. Plus, musically this is the closest the band has sounded to the glory days of the 90's in twenty years.

You can listen to "Melancholy, MA" below. The song will be on a new Sheila Divine album due out in 2019. For more on The Sheila Divine, be sure to give them a follow on Facebook and/or Twitter. The band also has some upcoming tour dates: November 17 at Bowery Ballroom in NYC and January 4 at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA.

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