Thursday, March 14, 2019

All Girls Arson Club - "Untitled"

Photo by Thomas Lee Griffiths
Sheffield's All Girls Arson Club only formed in March 2018, which is also when bassist Vicky Hayward and drummer India Garry started playing their instruments. Heavily inspired by Kathleen Hanna and "a growing frustration with the (over)abundance of boys in bands," the trio has just released their first single, "Untitled." "Untitled" definitely leans on the Kathleen Hanna inspiration, although there is definitely more of a sense of melody here than in most of Hanna's projects. It comes across as a more straight forward rock based version of Le Tigre's hyper dance music. The music is pretty rudimentary, but that's kind of most of the fun here. Sometimes it's great to hear a group playing just for the sheer joy of playing, and that completely defines All Girls Arson Club.

You can listen to "Untitled" below. Dark Fruits, the debut EP from All Girls Arson Club, will be out April 5 on Delicious Clam Records. You can pre-order a copy over at Bandcamp. For more on All Girls Arson Club, check them on on Instagram.

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