Monday, March 11, 2019

Heather Rose in Clover - "Satellites"

Providence's Heather Rose in Clover are basically tailor made for us here at If It's Too Loud... Their latest single, "Satellite," openly flaunts its 90's influences. "Satellite" is packed with mid-90's alternative power pop, and I'm hearing similarities to bands like Fuzzy, Velocity Girl, and Belly all over this song. It's filled with swirling, slightly distorted guitars and some insanely catchy hooks. Heather Rose in Clover explains the song like this: 

"'Satellites' was written as an expression of that deep-seeded longing to reconnect with those we have lost through distance, time, and even death. Inspired by Houdini's fascination with the afterlife, coupled with the extraordinary relationship that exists between mathematics and outer space, Satellites is rich in imagery of hope, searching and discovery."

You can listen to "Satellites" below. Canyons, the debut album from Heather Rose in Clover, will be released on March 30. The band is celebrating its release with an album release party at Askew in Providence with a free all ages show featuring Weakened Friends! For more on the band, check out their website.

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