Friday, May 31, 2019

Scott H. Biram and Jesse Dayton Cover David Allan Coe

The original version of David Allan Coe's "Monkey David Wine" is already bluesy, but when Scott H. Biram and Jesse Dayton covered it for a new single they made it even dirtier. All shreds of country have been driven out of the song, and it's just a crazy blues jam now. You might not think so when the song first starts, but the further on it goes, the more the guitars just lose all control and start freaking out. It sounds like Biram and Dayton tried their best to reign them in, but eventually gave up. And who could blame them.

You can listen to Scott H. Biram and Jesse Dayton's version of "Monkey David Wine" below. The song is currently available as a single with another cover: Gary Stewart's "Single Again." You can get your copy digitally via Bandcamp and vinyl via Bloodshot Records. For more on Scott H. Biram check out his website. For Jesse Dayton, check out his website.

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