Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Weezy Ford - "Pools of Dreams"

Photo via Facebook
It's been three years since Weezy Ford released her EP Bobbypin Graveyard. Based on her latest single, "Pools of Dreams," she took that time to completely retool her sound. The new song doesn't have a single hint of the retro rock her previous releases had. In fact, guitar isn't even used on the song. Instead, "Pools of Dreams" is a haunting, synth heavy track that's more on the lines of the noisier side of shoegaze than we could have previously expected. It's always interesting to hear an artist completely change their sound, particularly this early in their career. 

You can watch the video for "Pools of Dreams" below. Sugarcane, the new album from Weezy Ford, will be out November 15. For more on Weezy Ford, check out her website.

Pools of Dreams from Arturo Martinini on Vimeo.

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