Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Gurr Covers Blur

We first became aware of Berlin's Gurr back when they opened up for Priests back in April. They just released a cover of Blur's "Beetlebum." It's an interesting choice, considering I don't believe "Beetlebum" was ever truly a hit for Blur anywhere. The cover got started two years ago when Gurr took part in a Blur vs Oasis night in their home city. The band tried working up a cover of Oasis's "Live Forever," but it just didn't work out for them. 

Gurr says about the cover: "One disclaimer already: We didn’t try to simulate Graham Coxon’s guitar sound in the beginning, and replaced the classic Tele with a more the Kills-y sound (fuzzy and short delay- another great band we love). We took turns singing and put a BUNCH of harmonies on the song. The one thing that’s probably the closest to the original is the bassline, which our live bassist Luise nailed in the studio (bring her some Champagne to the upcoming shows please so she can celebrate Alex James style)."

You can listen to Gurr's take on "Beetlebum" below. For more on Gurr, check out their website.

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