Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Giants Chair - "Kids Running"

I missed the original run of Giants Chair from 1993 to 1997. For those four years, the band from Kansas City played with bands like The Dismemberment Plan and Jimmy Eat World and have been highly influential in the world of emo. Now, twenty two years later they're back with a new song and an upcoming album. 

"Kids Running" is emo, but it's not as emo as you think it might be. The roots of emo are there, but the song just straight up rocks much harder than any emo you might have heard before. It's not in the vein of punk or metal influences emo: This is just a straight up rocker with some emo tinge. 

Singer/guitarist Scott Hobart describes the band's reunion and new material:

"I didn’t want to write or sing or yell about growing old - as frustrating as it can be, so, at first, I think I was going down the old safe road of lyrical crypticism - but, ultimately, I found it hard to be passionate in sheer abstraction. I really felt like I wanted to be more coherent in all this emotionalism. But, while I don’t want to be middle-aged ranting, I also can’t help that the things I’m most passionate about by now, are things about being a 48 year-old father of 2 sons, married for 21 years to the same patient woman, living in a big, rich, wasteful commercial of a country on an ailing planet -- sometimes wishing I could just get in the van with my rock and roll brothers and head West forever.”

You can watch the video for "Kids Running" below. Prefabylon, the new album from Giants Chair, will be out December 6 on Spartan Records. You can pre-order the album here. For more on Giants Chair, check out their website.

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