Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Hot Shorts - "Summer of 2012"

We can all officially feel old now that bands are reminiscing about 2012. Out of Manchester, England, Hot Shorts have a new single, "Summer of 2012." The song is a fast paced indie rock jam that's as discordant as it is catchy. It's hanging on barely by a thread and threatens to fall apart at any moment, which is what makes songs like this so great.

Singer/guitarist Chris Killen says of the song: "'Summer of 2012' is a song about owning your "first real iPhone" and also about how a smartphone can possibly be a ticket to numbness if you just stare at it all the time. It also contains a stupid Bryan Adams joke intro. The video is made out of various things we filmed (on our iPhones) while recording the album over five days at Big City Jacks with Michael Whalley."

You can watch the video for "Summer of 2012" below. I Understand & I Wish to Continue, the new album from Hot Shorts, is out now via Icecapades. You can pick up a copy here. For more on Hot Shorts, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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