Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Freebie: Veruca Salt - "The Museum of Broken Relationships"

90s band reunions are nothing new by now. Typically the band announces a reunion tour, and then maybe after 1 or 2, they'll release a new album. Veruca Salt are doing it differently by releasing a new album and then touring. It's a bit of a risk, since if the album is bad, it can turn people away from going to the show. And besides, nostalgia is the main attraction, not new music, right?

Apparently no one told Veruca Salt this formula, since their first song with the original line up in 14 years may be their best song ever. "The Museum of Broken Relationships" has their earlier noise with a more mature and polished song writing edge. It might be the catchiest thing you've heard in years. Plus, you can download it for free off their website, without even having to give them your email address. You can watch the video below, and check out their tour dates when you download for free!

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