Friday, September 30, 2022

Marlowe featuring Blu and Joell Ortiz - "Royal"

For the latest single from Marlowe (the musical collaboration between producer L'Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham), the dup brought in Blu and Joell Ortiz fora couple of verses. "Royal" is the perfect showcase for all three MCs. Each one gets to shine on their verse with a perfect, high energy backing track from L'Orange. With a ton of sampled horns, "Royal" has all the energy of a brass band but more rooted in hip hop than those collaborations usually go. If you weren't already excited about an upcoming album from Marlowe, this one will win you over.

L'Orange says of the new song:

“This one I wanted to get out of the way of the rappers and let them do what they do best.”

You can listen to "Royal" below. Marlowe 3 is due out October 28 on Mello Music Group and can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp. For more on L'Orange, check out the artist's website. You can find more on Solemn Brigham here.

Melissa Carper - "Ramblin' Soul"

Photo by Lyza Renee

If you're familiar with the classic country sound of Melissa Carper, you already know exactly what a song from her called "Ramblin' Soul" is going to sound like. This is just a pure country song about having the urge to travel around, which is one of the most classic country song tropes out there. Carper nails this with an upbeat yet still laid back song that injects just enough soul in it for "Ramblin' Soul" to still be country. The joy of traveling throughout the country by driving around is palpable in this one. If you love old school country, you won't want to miss this one.

Melissa Carper says of her new song:

“I had just spent time with some musician friends and was feeling re-energized. On this trip, I realized just how much that free, ramblin’ life I’ve lived over the years has stimulated my creative process.  Arkansas, Texas, and Tennessee have been states I just keep making the rounds to, as well as New Mexico and Minnesota, so these places made their way into the song. I say 'you can't keep me in a hole, 'cause Lord I'm a ramblin' soul.' By that I mean, if something isn't working for me and making me happy or it seems I've gotten in a rut somewhere, then I move on to whatever the next thing is that feels right, or I get out of town for a bit to find some new inspiration and fresh perspective.  That is really the gist of it, trying to go with the flow of life wherever it seems the Universe is guiding me."

You can watch the video for "Ramblin' Soul" below. Ramblin' Soul, the album, is due out November 18 on Mae Music/Thirty Tigers. The album can be pre-ordered here. For more on Melissa Carper, check out the artist's website. Upcoming tour dates can be found below the video.

11/9 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Red Dragon*
11/10 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Red Dragon*
11/11 - Taylor, TX @ Black Sparrow Music Parlor*
11/12 - Fischer, TX @ Devil’s Backbone Tavern*
11/13 - Galveston, TX @ Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe*
11/18 - Little Rock, AR @  White Water Tavern
12/1 - San Antonio, TX @ The Lonesome Rose
12/2 - Austin, TX @ State Theatre 
12/3 - Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall 
12/4 - New Orleans, LA @ Cafe Istanbul
12/7 - Asheville, NC @ The Grey Eagle
12/8 - Decatur, GA @ Eddie’s Attic
12/9 - Nashville, TN @ Station Inn
12/10 - Knoxville, TN @ Boyd’s Jig & Reel
* w/ Kelly Willis & Brennen Leigh

Ghost Funk Orchestra - "Why?"

Self portrait by Seth Applebaum

We try to cover as much soul as possible here at If It's Too Loud..., and as much as we love the genre a lot of it ends up sounding quite similar. That is not the case with the latest from Ghost Funk Orchestra. "Why?" has the classic Parliament/Funkadelic funk vibe to it, which shouldn't be surprising since funk is right in their name. It's this laid back 70's sounding soul and funk song, with some 60's period space age groove to it. While the vocals are pure soul, there is something unique to their cadence that is not what soul typically sounds like. Considering classic soul has existed for six decades or so, it's refreshing to hear an artist make such a unique version of the genre.

You can watch the video for "Why?" below. A New Kind of Love is due out October 28 on Karma Chief/Colemine Records, and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Ghost Funk Orchestra, check out the artist's Facebook and Instagram.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something - "Easy Peeler"

Photo by Suzi Corker

The latest from Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something is a frantic burst of glammed up arty punk rock. "Easy Peeler" is a fast and out of control song that is still rooted in a (relatively) traditional song structure with punk roots. It sounds like a modern version of early British punk and New Wave. Despite being angry, the song still has a fun and even joyous edge to it. It's like a more ironed out version of X-Ray Spex mixed with a modern version of Blondie.

Jemma Freeman explains the new song:

"... it's a thing of pure unadulterated fury at brexiteers, the patriarchy, antivaxers, terfs and royalists, with exasperation directed at late night online social media discourse dressed up as debate that is actually just pessimistic, shallow bigotry.  Easy Peelers are a type of fruit specially bred for the skin to be easily removed. I like the symmetry of the name with the thin skinned critics of so called snow flake culture. The vitriolic delivery a testament to the unimaginable futility you can feel as just one small person in an ocean of vacuous impossibility."The lyrics were written by walking around and singing out loud to the instrumental track during lockdown. I'd moved from South east London to the west London suburbs, to be near to my girlfriend at the time. Being visibly queer and autistic in an incredibly homogeneous upper middle class environment felt totally unnatural. There is a limit to how many tuts and suspicious looks up and down one person can tolerate before either shutting down or lashing back. I'm not a violent person, my power lies within my words so belting out a volley of anarchic affirmations felt empowering. I liked the idea of being antagonistic, the antithesis of the boomer core values I felt I might drown in.”

You can watch the video for "Easy Peeler" below. Miffed is due out November 25 on Trapped Animal Records, and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something, check out the band's Facebook and Twitter.

Bonny Light Horseman - "Someone to Weep for Me"

No one is making folk/rock as beautiful as Bonny Light Horseman is these days. It's at the point that every time they release a new single, I keep treading the same water, but the supergroup of Anais Mitchell, Josh Kaufman, and Eric D. Johnson just keeps nailing it. The trio's new single, "Someone to Weep for Me," may be the best they've released from their upcoming album yet. It has such a laid back 70's California AM radio vibe, plus mesmerizing vocals and an electric guitar solo you wouldn't expect in such a laid back folk song. Bonny Light Horseman make traditional, straight ahead folk/rock in some unique and impossible to resist ways.

You can listen to "Someone to Weep for Me" below. Rolling Golden Holy is due out October 7 on 37d03d. The album can be pre-ordered here. For more on Bonny Light Horseman, check out the artist's website. Upcoming tour dates are below the song.

9/30 – Sonoma, CA – Sonoma Winery Barn at Gundlach Bundschu

10/01 – San Francisco, CA – Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

10/02 – San Francisco, CA – Palace of Fine Arts

10/04 – Portland, OR – Aladdin Theater 

10/05 – Seattle, WA – Neptune Theater

10/07 – Santa Cruz, CA – Rio Theatre

10/08 – Los Angeles, CA – Lodge Room

10/09 – Los Angeles, CA – Lodge Room

12/1-4 – Key West, FL – COAST Is Clear Festival

12/06 – Nashville, TN – Basement East

12/07 – Atlanta, GA – Terminal West

12/08 – Asheville, NC – Masonic Lodge Theatre

12/09 – Durham, NC – MotorCo Music Hall

12/10 – Washington, DC – Howard Theatre 

12/11 – Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts

12/13 – Cambridge, MA – The Sinclair

12/14 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg

12/16 – Westerly, RI – United Theatre

12/17 – Portland, ME – Portland House of Music

12/18 – Burlington, VT – Higher Ground

02/04/23 – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club

02/05/23 – Glasgow – St. Luke's (Celtic Connection)

02/06/23 – Manchester – Band On The Wall

02/07/23 – London – Union Chapel

Lucy Dacus Covers Carole King

Photo by Ashley Gelllman

Carole King is one of those artists that has just never quite worked for me. I know she's amazing, and I completely respect her as an artist, but she's just never clicked for me. But when Lucy Dacus, one of my current favorites, covers two of her songs, that's impossible to resist. Dacus takes on two songs from King's immortal Tapestry, "Home Again" and "It's Too Late." Dacus' take on "Home Again" is a little folkier than she normally gets, but it's hardly as folky as the original. "It's Too Late" sounds more like Dacus' unique blend of folk, pop, and indie rock. Both songs have this easygoing groove to them, and Dacus could sing literally anything and have me enraptured. 

Lucy Dacus says of Carole King's originals:

“When I listened to Tapestry from my mom’s CD collection, I was young enough that it didn’t register as good or bad – it just defined what music sounded like to me, and it’s still a foundation of how I understand songwriting. She’s clever in the good way – queen of internal rhyme – and I love how her melodies reinforce the tone of the lyrics. She keeps it simple, but that’s what makes it universal. When I was asked to cover a couple of her songs, it was a no brainer. Her work feels like a part of my DNA and I’m grateful for it."

You can listen to Lucy Dacus covering "Home Again" and "It's Too Late" below. The songs are available as a 7" single (digital and physical) here. More more on Lucy Dacus, check out the artist's website. Upcoming tour dates are below the songs.

Thu. Sep. 29 - Philadelphia, PA @ Franklin Music Hall #Fri. Sep. 30 - New Haven, CT @ College Street Music Hall #Sat. Oct. 1 - Columbia, MD @ All Things Go Festival (SOLD OUT)Mon. Oct. 3 - Raleigh, NC @ The Ritz #Wed. Oct. 5 - Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre #Thu. Oct. 6 - Charleston, SC @ Charleston Music Hall #Fri. Oct. 7 - Orlando, FL @ Beacham Theater #Sat. Oct. 8 - Miami Beach, FL @ North Beach Band Shell #Mon. Oct. 10 - Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder #Wed. Oct. 12 - New Orleans, LA @ The Civic Theatre #Thu. Oct. 13 - Birmingham, AL @ Saturn (SOLD OUT) #Fri. Oct. 14 - Memphis, TN @ Minglewood Hall #Sat. Oct. 15 - Atlanta, GA @ The Eastern #Fri. Nov. 4 - Edmonton, AB @ Union Hall ^Sat. Nov. 5 - Calgary, AB @ Palace Theatre ^Tue. Nov. 8 - Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre ^Wed. Nov. 9 - Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre ^Fri. Nov. 11 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater(SOLD OUT) ^Sat. Nov. 12 - Boise, ID @ Egyptian Theatre ^Sun. Nov. 13 - Eugene, OR @ McDonald Theatre ^Tue. Nov. 15 - Healdsburg, CA @ Little Saint (SOLD OUT) ^Thu. Nov. 17 - Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater ^Fri. Nov. 18 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern ^Sat. Nov. 19 - San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park ^ # = with Crooks & Nannies^ = with Haley Heynderickx

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Letters to Cleo Announce Homecoming Shows

Since 2016 (except 2021, of course), Letters to Cleo have embarked on Homecoming tours every November. These typically involve shows in Los Angeles, New York City, and a two night stand in their hometown of Boston. This week they've announced their 2022 Homecoming tours dates, which include West Hollywood, San Diego, and Portland, ME alongside Boston. I've been a huge fan of Letters to Cleo since college, and their songs have a huge nostalgia factor for me. Typically I can avoid the nostalgia bug of seeing the same band play the songs of my youth, but not so with Letters to Cleo. It's unsure if they're going to be playing a special setlist at these shows (last year saw the band breaking out some songs from Josie and the Pussycats, in 2019 they were joined by Greg Hawkes of The Cars for a few songs, and in 2017 they played three albums over three nights), but that's just an added bonus if they do. Also no word on openers, but the last few years have seen Charly Bliss, Speedy Ortiz, and American Hi-Fi, so you know the opener will be killer!

Tickets for Letters to Cleo's 2022 Homecoming go on sale this Friday. For more on Letters to Cleo, check out the band's website.

The Tin Can Collective - "Better View Desired"

Long Island's The Tin Can Collective have released a new single that's truly heartbreaking. "Better View Desired" is a fast and heavy punk song that leans heavily into emo. It's more late 90's emo than the top 40 emo that broke out in the early 00's. Emo isn't normally this heavy these days, so "Better View Desired" is a welcome sound that is much more punk and just rock based. It's also an intensely emotional anthem about self harm. 

John Warren of The Tin Can Collective says of the new song:

"[T]he story of this song is all in the lyrics. Out of respect for the dead I will keep it brief. If anyone is thinking about ending it- I want you to know things can get better. Check in on the people you care about. Be kind. You never know what others are going through. To anyone who is going through it now; I see you and I hope you keep going. Call or text 988.”

You can listen to "Better View Desired" below. The song is available through Bandcamp. For more on The Tin Can Collective, check out the band's Facebook.

Homeboy Sandman - "Satellite"

Photo by Misshattan

We've been fans of Homeboy Sandman for a while, and that's going to continue with his latest single. Back in 2021, the New York based MC teamed with producer Deca on "All Because of You (Infatuated Duke)" which had fans asking for more from the pair. Because of that, Homeboy Sandman and Deca have a full album coming out, and we can hear the first single from that collaboration. "Satellite" is just what we want from Sandman. It's a laid back hip hop song that has an old school feel without being a throwback. Plus, Deca adds a jazzy track giving "Satellite" some Guru vibes. This is one that's going to have some staying power for us.

Homeboy Sandman talks about his new single, which was inspired by his 2014 song "Stroll":

“I love it but I felt I could improve upon it. I felt I could write a song that had way more depth and way more commentary and insight rather than just things I see when I walk around. 'Satellite' is my definitive environment record but it’s not only what I see, it’s what I see means.”

You can listen to "Satellite" below. Still Champion is due out November 11 on Mello Music Group, and can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp. For more on Homeboy Sandman, check out the artist's website.

Dave Del Monte & The Cross Country Boys - "Coffin Car Coupe"

Being a lover of Halloween and classic rock and roll, I loved Dave Del Monte & The Cross Country Boys' 2021 Halloween release "Haunted Horror Howl." It was vintage 1950's style rock and roll, and sounded like it could have come out seventy years ago. The Connecticut band is back with another spooky song for 2022. "Coffin Car Coupe" is going to sound exactly like what you want it to sound like. It's the kind of song they used to make about cars way back in the early days of rock and roll. Sure, there are some hints of rockabilly here, but this is just pure old timey rock and roll with a Halloween twist.

You can listen to "Coffin Car Coupe" below. The song is currently available as a download via Bandcamp. For more on Dave Del Monte & The Cross Country Boys, check them out on Facebook.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 23 September 2022

Artist: Courting
Album: Guitar Music
Quick Thoughts: The name of this album came across to me as either super earnest or super sarcastic, but it turns out it's neither. Instead, it's a pretty impressive indie record with hints of post-punk that had impressive song after impressive song. This is one that really shouldn't be missed in a week full of good stuff, so make time.
Songs of Note: "Cosplay / Twin Cities," "Tennis," "Crass (Redux)," "Jumper"

Artist: The Barbaras
Album: Oh My God Barbara
Quick Thoughts: It's been a little while since we've heard from any of the Ford sisters, and The Barbaras (Sallie and Weezy) provide a welcome return. It's definitely country-fried fun throughout, and I think part of the record's charm is that it's a serious album without taking itself too seriously. I knew I'd like this, but songs like "Walk of Shame" just ensured that I'd love it.
Songs of Note: "Walk of Shame," "Mail Yerself to Me"

Artist: King of Foxes
Album: Twilight of the Empire
Quick Thoughts: This album was not one I expected to love, especially as the first song leans more into a theatrical presentation, but Twilight of the Empire is an album that works hard to win you over and does a truly awesome job in the process. This is a charming, soaring indie record that feels like it's punching above its weight in all the right ways, so I highly recommend it this week.
Songs of Note: "Only Here on Loan," "Good Man," "Dark Horse"

Artist: Sports Team
Album: Gulp!
Quick Thoughts: Sports Team is a fairly popular band in the UK but not an act I knew much about here. That might explain why I get a sort of Arctic Monkeys vibe in some regards here. I didn't want to lose this one in the shuffle, but it's a solid mainstream listen this week.
Songs of Note: "The Game," "Kool Aid," "Fingers (Taken Off)"

Artist: Maya Hawke
Album: Moss
Quick Thoughts: You know her from Stranger Things, or because you loved the movies her parents did, but Maya Hawke takes her musicianship seriously in a quiet and stark folk affair that feels small and fragile against the type that she is often cast. I really enjoyed this, and it was full of surprises. Give it some time.
Songs of Note: "Bloomed Into Blue," "Hiatus," "Sweet Tooth," "South Elroy"

Artist: Sorcha Richardson
Album: Smiling Like an Idiot
Quick Thoughts: I also wanted to highlight the new album from Sorcha Richardson. I'm still into "High in the Garden" from her previous record, and this album continues along the same lines and serves as a great singer-songwriter record with catchy melodies and more. In a busy week, don't skip this one.
Songs of Note: "Stalemate," "Hard to Fake It," "Spotlight Television"

Artist: Lande Hekt
Album: House Without a View
Quick Thoughts: We like Lande Hekt a lot here, and this latest album is exactly what I wanted and expected. It's got a lot of hooks, and songs like "Gay Space Cadets" just work even when you feel positive you're waiting for a misstep. Lande Hekt might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I definitely rank this as a favorite this week.
Songs of Note: "Backstreet Snow," "Cut My Hair," "Gay Space Cadets," "Take a Break"

Artist: Yumi and the Weather
Album: It's All In My Head
Quick Thoughts: Yumi and the Weather are another band I didn't know prior to this week, and I'll be damned if they didn't impress on first listen. It's got plenty of alt-rock sensibilities, but there's an edge and grit to it that ultimately sets the record apart. Of all the albums this week, I'm definitely most excited to get back to this one.
Songs of Note: "It's All In My Head," "Be Your Lover," "Start As You Mean To Go On"

Artist: Dead Pony
Album: War Boys
Quick Thoughts: I don't always profile EPs here, but I challenge you to listen to this and not fall instantly in love with Dead Pony. Every single song they have released is incredible, and "23, Never Me" may be the best title of a song I've ever heard. Anthemic, hook-drenched indie rock. DO NOT MISS THIS.
Songs of Note: "Bullet Farm," "Zero," "All Dressed Up For Nothing," "23, Never Me," "War Boys"

Of note:

* The Upfux and Noise Complaint - Coastal Collapse (Think if your favorite ska band married a metal band.)
* Verdena - Volevo Magia (Often gorgeous music out of Italy.)
* Tim Burgess - Typical Music (Super-poppy album from top to bottom.)
* Vatican Shadow - Coast Guard Gulf of Blood
* Divino Nino - Last Spa on Earth
* Beth Orton - Weather Alive
* Jesse Baylin - Jersey Girl
* Future Teens - Self Help
* Jesse Jo Stark - DOOMED
* De Lux - Do You Need a Release?
* Jake Blount - The New Faith
* Sofie Royer - Harlequin
* Vril and Rodhad - Out of Place Artefacts - 2
* Sunny Sweeney - Married Alone
* Michelle Branch - The Trouble With Fever
* Caroline Shaw and Attacca Quartet - Evergreen
* Editors - EBM
* Eerie Wanda - Internal Radio
* The Comet is Coming - Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam
* Nikki Lane - Denim and Diamonds
* The Crystal Furs - In Coastal Light
* Modern Chemistry - my battery is low and it's getting dark
* Vanessa Amara - Fonetica Amara
* DJ Q - Est. 2003
* The Tallest Man on Earth - Too Late for Edelweiss
* Jackie Cohen - Pratfall
* Knife Girl - Uniform
* death's dynamic shroud - Darklife


* Lure Division - Omnimovie
* Couch Prints - Waterfall
* Crow Billiken - If I don't have red I use blue
* Lurid Purple Flowers - No Sympathy
* Chloe Lilac - You Were Good to Me
* Izzy Oram Brown - Mess
* Aaron Turner and Jon Mueller - Now That You've Found It
* Remember Sports - Leap Day
* Alexis Castrogiovanni - Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains

Also out:

* Celebration Summer - Patience in Presence
*/ clipping. - REMXNG 2.1
* The Harlem Gospel Travelers - Look Up!
* Armin van Buuren - Live on Love
* Francis Lung - Short Stories
* Zoon - A Sterling Murmuration
* Klara Keller - BANG
* Silkback - ALTERNATE_
* The Soft Moon - Exister
* Quitters - Captain Are We Thinking?
* Weezer - SZNZ: Autumn
* Blag Dahlia - Introducing Ralph Champagne
* Nils Frahm - Music for Animals
* Geoff Palmer - Standing in the Spotlight

Live Shows: Supersuckers and White Dynomite, The Middle East, Cambridge, MA 9/24/22

In the past four years, I've seen the Supersuckers twice. Back in 2018 I saw them play in Worcester when they were celebrating their thirtieth anniversary by playing The Smoke of Hell and La Mano Cornuda in their entireties, and in 2019 I saw them in Hampton Beach, NH for the twentieth anniversary of The Evil Powers of Rock 'n' Roll. This year was the first time I saw them in Boston and for just a straight up show.

Seeing them at The Middle East was a completely different world. The previous two shows were modestly attended at best, but Saturday night's show was packed if it wasn't sold out. This definitely wasn't a hipster crowd, either. This was a show for fans of rock 'n' roll even if it's not stylish.

The theme of the night seemed to be nostalgia and rock 'n' roll. Eddie Spaghetti played "Play That Rock N' Roll" from 2020's Play That Rock N' Roll by saying "Here's a song about playing rock 'n' roll, it's called 'Play That Rock N' Roll' from the album Play That Rock N' Roll." He also joked that in 2023 they'll do a whole tour of rock 'n' roll songs about rock 'n' roll with "rock 'n' roll" right in the title. Sign me up for that one. He also told a story of how he loves playing The Middle East because he gets to remember that Mark Sandman would always show up to help them load in, then they'd get high and talk about how both their bands were great but no one cared. 

Supersuckers didn't play fancy music. They played the fan favorites like "Born with a Tail," "Pretty Fucked Up," and "Creepy Jackalope Eye" in their rock 'n' roll set. Looking back it's surprising that such a straight up rock band were ever in the Buzz Bin or signed to Sub Pop. They've been making timeless rock music for thirty years, and it's nearly impossible to guess what year each song came out. I think I'll stick to heading to The Middle East for their 2023 tour since it's more fun for everyone to sing along to rock 'n' roll songs with a packed, appreciative house.

Boston's White Dynomite opened the show. Taking the stage dressed all in white, the band announced that they were White Dynomite and their first song was called "White Dynomite" from the album White Dynomite. Since White Dynomite played no nonsense rock 'n' roll with just a hint of tongue in cheek, the crowd loved them. They played a style of rock that imagines if Motorhead leaned into punk a bit more while still having kick ass solos. It's hard to have a little bit of a tongue in cheek gimmick without going too far into parody, but White Dynomite pulled it off perfectly. They even leaned into the nostalgia aspect of the night when the singer told a story about getting the Supersuckers to play a song back in 1992 at the same venue by getting Eddie Spaghetti high. They were definitely the most fitting local support I've seen open for the Supersuckers.

Burp. - "Monkey Man"

Photo via Instagram

I don't think I write so consistently about a band that makes me feel as old as Burp. does. The Lowell band just released a second single, "Monkey Man." I've compared Burp. to early Blink 182 goes art rock, and this new single actually leans more into the art rock side of things. It still has all the tune and brattiness of pop punk, but there's an odd and quite welcome Johnny Marr sound to the guitar. "Monkey Man" has this compelling The Smiths go 90's Warped Tour vibe, and we are here for it. For a band that promotes their goofy side as much as they do, Burp. are one of the most promising young bands in the Boston area today.

You can listen to "Monkey Man" below. For more on Burp., check out the band's Instagram.


Photo by Lola Scott

"CC" is a sex song, plain and simple. The latest from Atlanta based "grunge-channeling feminist punks" have done the nearly impossible with their sex song. It's not leering, or dirty, or even shocking. Despite being a song that's undeniably a sex song, it's surprisingly sweet. Maybe even shockingly so. It's reminding me a lot of an artist like TORRES in that way, both in sound and tone. Of course, it's a bit more aggressive than you'd typically get with TORRES, so it adds more than a little of a band like The Gits into the mix. SMALL are quickly becoming one of the most intriguing bands around these parts lately, and we can't wait for their full length to come out this Friday.

You can listen to "CC" below. Decathexis is due out September 30 on Triphouse Records. For more on SMALL, check out the band's Bandcamp.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Brad Marino - "That Girl"

Brad Marino's upcoming album is being described as "Ramonescore," which is a genre I've never heard of but know exactly what it sounds like. The first single, "That Girl," sounds like classic Ramones. Sure, there are a lot of bands that sound like the Ramones, and it's not like there aren't a ton of Ramones albums to listen to out there, but if you love "Ramonescore," than you love this sound and will never get sick of hearing it. It's buzzsaw guitars over the catchiest song possible about a girl (naturally). It's a fun time and will have you longing to hear more from Brad Marino as soon as possible.

You can listen to "That Girl" below. Basement Beat is due out on October 14 via Rum Bar Records for the CD and on vinyl via Hey Pizza Records. You can pre-order the CD or digital copy here. For more on Brad Marino, check out the artist's Facebook.