Thursday, September 1, 2022

Puppy Angst - "In Sensitivity"

Photo by Lydia Ruth

We love dream pop here at If It's Too Loud..., and we cover quite a bit of it. We haven't heard dream pop done quite like Puppy Angst. The Philadelphia band's new single, "In Sensitivity," has that dreamy and swirly sound required for the genre, but it's much noisier. The guitars just have this aggressive crunch and fuzz to them that you normally don't hear with music this upbeat and poppy. It's the kind of sound that pushes you away while also sucking you in. There is also these odd synth sounds that would normally be heard in 1960's garage rock like "96 Tears." This is a gloriously oddball kind of song that is nearly impossible to not love.

Alyssa Milman (guitar and vocals) says of their band's new song:

"'In Sensitivity' is a super upbeat song about working towards happiness despite struggling with mental health. The song is filled with dreamy, nostalgic guitar tones that get swallowed up by fuzz, wacky vocal processing, a melodic bassline, simultaneous guitar and synth solos… the hook and instrumentation are really fun, despite the lyrics maybe not being the happiest. In sensitivity, there is strength!"

You can listen to "In Sensitivity" below. Puppy Angst have an album due in the Fall. For more on Puppy Angst, check out the band's Facebook and Twitter.

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