Tuesday, September 13, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 9 September 2022

Artist: The Wolff Sisters
Album: Dark River
Quick Thoughts: The biggest flaw of this album is that it's only seven tracks long. Dark River shows us a band that is really, really good at what they do, with some of the best songwriting from start to finish you're likely to hear this fall. We've been fans for a while, and this album just solidifies why. Awesome listen.
Songs of Note: "Boston Town," "Where I Got Lost," "Roll Me Mama"

Artist: Emperor X
Album: The Lakes of Zones B and C
Quick Thoughts: I didn't want to lose sight of what is probably the most interesting record of the week. Emperor X defies all logic and description, but still provides some of the hookiest indie rock you'll find. Plenty of room on the bandwagon, so don't miss out.
Songs of Note: "False Metal," "Stars"

Artist: Kate Dressed Up
Album: In Another Lifetime
Quick Thoughts: Kate Dressed Up makes me feel how I felt when I heard Laura Stevenson's "Master of Art" for the first time. It's that good. It has the singer-songwriter vibe, but feels like it has that additional weight to it that a lot of stuff in this vein lacks. I'm not saying Kate Dressed Up is going to be your new favorite band/solo project, but she's certainly making an effort to become your new favorite. Mandatory listening this week.
Songs of Note: "Ride Home," "History and Art," "How Could I Have Known," "The Fountain"

Artist: The Deer
Album: The Beautiful Undead
Quick Thoughts: A fairly poppy effort from The Deer, but with a sensibility that works well with the additional polish. There's a ton to love about this record, but, really, the best part is discovering song after song after song that highlight the vocals and provide an great musical base that doesn't outstay its welcome. I don't have a ton to say about a record I really enjoyed on first listen, but I do know that I recommend it.
Songs of Note: "Baby Green," "Columns," "Lilacs," "Six-Pointed Star," "Up I Presume"

Artist: Rocky Votolato
Album: Wild Roots
Quick Thoughts: I'm not too familiar with Votolato's work overall, but what we have here is a pretty solid folk-leaning record that impressed me over and over again. It's nearly perfectly crafted and executed, with songs that stuck in my head well after listening. I'm looking forward to checkng out his back catalog as well.
Songs of Note: "Evergreen," "X1998x," "Archangels of Tornados"

Artist: Chlsy
Album: quantum entanglement
Quick Thoughts: Ken sent this one over, and wow, what a fun record. Solid indie record with some of the familiar alt-rock underpinnings that we love here, and a number of memorable songs to go with it. Don't sleep on this one.
Songs of Note: "karmic debt," "ceiling fan"

Artist: Santigold
Album: Spirituals
Quick Thoughts: Santigold first hit the scene with her self-titled debut and "L.E.S. Artistes" nearly 15 years ago. While she's never 100% grabbed me, I think this is the album that finally made me "get it." It's an interesting, tricky sounding listen that leans more into the FKA Twigs realm of R&B, and I really loved it. On a whole, a really great listen, and one that's going to make me give her back catalog another look.
Songs of Note: "My Horror," "The Lasty," "Fall First"

Of note:

* Jake La Botz - Hair on Fire (Lots of solid moments.)
* A VOID - Dissociation (A very unique sound that works well throughout.)
* I Draw Slow - I Draw Slow (High-quality Americana.)
* Built to Spill - When the Wind Forgets Your Name (Built to Spill continues to be great.)
* Scrounge - Sugar, Daddy
* Gave Gurnsey - Diablo
* Bill Baird - Eternal Space Bar
* The Paranoyds - Talk Talk Talk
* Flogging Molly - Anthem
* The Afghan Whigs - How Do You Burn?
* Yuta Matsumura - Red Ribbon
* Preoccupations - Arrangements
* Mad Mojo Jett - Get Your Mind Straight
* Jockstrap - I Love You Jennifer B
* The Hooten Hallers - Back in Business Again
* Sunshine Riot - Sparkle Baby 2000
* KT Tunstall - NUT
* JPW - Something Happening / Always Happening
* Madison Cunningham - Revealer
* Charley Crockett - The Man From Waco
* Sarah Davachi - Two Sisters
* Briana Marela - You Are a Wave
* Sudan Archives - Natural Brown Prom Queen
* DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ - Bewitched!
* Shady Cove - Shady Cove
* Tan Cologne - Earth Visions of Water Spaces
* Oliver Sim - Hideous Bastard
* Lucy Daydream - Dream Machine
* Fever Queen - In the Ether
* Foreign Air - Hello Sunshine


* YDE - Send Help
* Luca Yupanqui - Conversations
* Bloodshot Bill - Mighty Raw, Vol. 2
* Rose Laurel - Sparrows Can See the Soul's Descent
* QUINQUIS - aer
* Oldsoul - Live at God City
* Third Son - irl sim 2
* Forever Honey - Could I Come Here Alone
* Ginger Root - Nisemono
* Miya Folick - 2007
* Blussh - Glamour
* YUUN - I've Got My Head in the Cloud
* WOOZE - The Magnificent Eleven
* CMTEN - connect, breathe
* Alice Dreamt - The Visions of Dear Perfection (Or, The Candy Land Generals)

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* The Dears - Return to Lovers Rock (Deluxe reissue, and a reminder that this was an underrated listen from 2020.)

Also out:

* Holy Fawn - Dimensional Bleed
* Berried Alive - Our Own Lives
* Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Where the Lights Go

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